Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mariposas heARTwork shops

Wow, weeeellllll, so much for our regular blog posting but that just means we have been focusing on other things from completing our new CD "Sacred Letters of Surrender", to the spring Mighty Kindness gathering (check out http://www.mightykindness.org/) and the Mariposa Project for women who are survivors of abuse. We are starting these Home Retreats that have proven to be extremely transformative! We will also be making these available as we travel from town to town so if you are interested, please contact us at :troubadours@psci.net.
We also welcome men, who are also survivors, to host a Home
Retreat. Here is a little more info about the HeartWork:

This is a personal invitation from our hearts to yours inviting you to join us
healing the heart through the art of collage, storytelling, song, poetry and journaling.
A Mariposa (butterfly) leaves that which has held her captive in her life, that which has made her feel alone in darkness, trapped, and fearful that she'll never be free, in the cocoon of the past. How do you envision your future? If you were that butterfly, now free from restraint, how would you want to paint the canvas of the sky in all its infinite possibility? What do you see on the horizon that reveals to your heart the possibility of healing & hope?
It is a deeply troubling, unspoken reality that nearly two out of three women have been abused physically and/or sexually. The feminine spirit needs circles of healing to empower and nurture the warrior of the heart. If you are a woman who has survived sexual abuse, molestation, incest, rape, assault, and/or domestic violence you are invited to share this heART work with us.
The intention of this heARTwork shop is to be an invitation and introduction to self-care techniques and a healing path for your life. It is intended to be a support for your healing process that empowers you with tools to continue to use for growth.
What are Mariposa heART work shops?
Mariposa heART work shops are a powerful process for self discovery and expression. It is a journey into your soul through Journaling, Collage art, Poetry & Song. Art is the language of the Soul. Through the medium of collage you release piece by piece creating a beautiful mosaic from the shattered parts of your life . Journaling is a key that lifts veils and heals at it reveals. Mariposa heART workshops are a safe place to feel, to share, to dream, to let go and move forward with vision and a tool for healing in your life.
We will conduct guided intuitive collage and writing exercises that reflect on the inner dreams and voices that might otherwise remain unheard.
No art experience is necessary, as this is heARTwork!
What can you expect in a Mariposa heART workshop?
You can expect to nurture your authentic creative voice and realize that you are not alone as we explore in a creative circle. You can expect to be encouraged in your creative self-expression. You can expect deep listening & compassionate encouragement to live your deepest truth in all areas of your life and likewise be inspired to encourage others.
heART work gives you....
an open space to reflect on your dreams in a safe, supported environment
an opportunity to process hurt and to recover self empowerment
tools to empower your voice, heal your heart and continue soul-growth
a safe place to explore the ways in which life experience has influenced your relationships
an opportunity to offer compassion to others

a way of finding your voice and the transformative power of expression that opens your wings

When we share our personal art and reveal what we have learned from it with people who listen deeply, healing happens. Honest and open sharing, supported by the group invites each person's intuitive wisdom to guide their own life and inspire the lives and healing of others.

Like the butterfly, we must have the time in the cocoon, sitting in the stillness of ourselves,
in order to create the wings that let us fly!
. Please dress comfortably Space is limited but we encourage ALL women who are interested to please reply .
May your spirit soar like a butterfly who has opened her wings for the first time,
Aim Me & Renee
Troubadours of Divine Bliss