Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Troubadours of Divine Bliss heART workshops

What are Mariposa heART work shops?

Mariposa heART work shops are a powerful process for self discovery and expression. It is a journey into your soul through Journaling, Collage art, Poetry & Song.

Art is the language of the Soul. Through the medium of collage you release piece by piece creating a beautiful mosaic from the shattered parts of your life . Journaling is a key that lifts veils and heals at it reveals. Mariposa heART workshops are a safe place to feel, to share, to dream, to let go and move forward with vision and a tool for healing in your life. . No art experience is necessary, as this is heARTwork!
What are Free Your Dream Work shops?
Free Your Dream work shops guided intuitive collage and writing exercises that reflect on the inner dreams and voices that might otherwise remain unheard unless we set them free. It is an opportunity to unveil your life purpose and call. It's never to late to dream again. It's never to late to have a life makeover. It's never too late to reclaim your gifts, resucitate your dream or to live your authentic life There must be some special work that only you can bring into the world. This will be an amazing opportunity to Heal Your Heart, Discover Your Art and Free your Dream.
What can you expect in our workshops?

You can expect to nurture your authentic creative voice and realize that you are not alone as we explore in a creative circle. You can expect to be encouraged in your creative self-expression. You can expect deep listening & compassionate encouragement to live your deepest truth in all areas of your life and likewise be inspired to encourage others.

both workshops give you....

an invitation to tell your story in a safe, supported environment

an opportunity to process hurt and to recover self empowerment

an open space to reflect on your dreams

tools to empower your voice, heal your heart and continue soul-growth

a safe place to explore the ways in which life experience has influenced your relationships

an opportunity to offer compassion to others

a haven to rewind and unwind, unravel & travel, purge & surge

a way of finding your voice and the transformative power of expression that opens your wings and sets your dreams free!