Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Awakening to Love by Troubadours of Divine Bliss

All these rooms in my Soul
I'm so afraid to go
behind the walls- secrets, scars and shadows
I will no longer feel this pain
no longer be restrained
Wild-eyed Innocence- let my Soul be born again

Now's the time to heal
what's been broken inside
I've waited, waited too long to cry
Now's the time to show
all the things I felt I had to hide
I hold the key to the cage I'm locked inside
Open the door and let me fly!

Awaken Me to Love
Awaken Me to Love
Awaken Me to Love

We're all humming the same tune
Dreaming under the same Moon
just trying to get it right
longing for the Light
So many stories to tell,
we know that Love will prevail
if we believe we are all worthy

We are worthy to be loved and love abundantly
Worthy to feel the depths so tenderly
Worthy to forgive and be forgiven
Worthy to hold the Kingdom of Heaven within
The Kingdom of Heaven is within

Awaken Us to Love
Awaken Us to Love
Awaken Us to Love

From every corner we will meet
Encircle the Ancient Tree
and if we stand there long enough
we'll remember how to Sing
how to Laugh, how to Trust,
how to be at Peace
how to Dream in a chorus of remembering

We are called to be Wise, to be Strong, to be True
Called to rise to the Higher Self inside of you
Called to be Whole to Heal and Reveal
Called to feel this Ocean of Love
Ocean of Love

Awaken us to Love
Awaken Us to Love
release rejection
release perfection
release hate it's not too late
you're not a prisoner of your Fate

Awaken Love in us
Awaken Love in us
awaken us, awaken us