Monday, October 20, 2014

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Troubadours of Divine Bliss LIVE in the UK

Blissfits back from California

 Greetings Blissfits!

 "What is a 'Blissfit,' " you say? A Blissfit is someone who follows their bliss without concern for society's norm. A Blissfit brings a little magic and joy to every room they are in. A Blissfit seeks to love everyone without judgement or expectation and sees that every voice adds to rich, complex symphony of life. A Blissfit colors outside the lines and can most often be found on the fringe, screwing in the light bulbs of souls everywhere they go. Perhaps, this is you? Of course, it is.

Woo hoo...we are still reeling from an extraordinary 3 week tour in California where we experienced one of the most beautiful, bohemian, sacred weddings ever, we danced and sang down a flight of stairs, played for a church in a theater on the set of a 1950's living room, saw a bear, a tarantula and mountain lions, played the soundtrack for an incredible healing retreat, had numerous astounding exchanges at house concerts and it all ended with skywriters making hearts in the sky while we sang "Awaken us to Love."

May roses bloom deep inside your chest and ancient forests grow expansive root systems in your mind. May your eyes be telescopes of astounding compassion and your hands like suns that move with an unabashed creative generosity.
your devoted Blissfits,
Aim Me & Renee