Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Holy Now

Walk by your Side

Walk by your Side.... shot live in As You Wish Woods

2013 Mighty Kindness Earth Day Hoot!!

Mighty Kindness is based in Louisville,Kentucky and serves to bring our region together in support and celebration of the kindness we create in our community- Kindness for ourselves, each other and the Earth. Mighty Kindness hosts 2 Hoots each year- Earth Day & Harvest. www.mightykindness.org

Troubadours of Divine Bliss "Divining Utopia"
Whiskey Bent Valley Boys "Floyds Fork"
Sandpaper Dolls "Pulse"
Earl Guthrie & the Boxwine Prophets  "Doctor"

Native American Chant & Prayer by John Hubbard

Special Thanks to Congressman John Yarmuth, Dawne Gee & Mayor Fischer


Free Life



Take me away from the weight of the world..

I'm a punch drunk boxer who can't leave the ring.

I've lost faith in your religion now "Love"...is my God's name

Rush and roll through me, continue ro pursue me-

I'm a boat that doesn't know it needs the sea...it needs the sea...

Don't give up on me, don't give up on me, though I'm restlessly...fumbling...

deep in my Soul I know, deep in my soul I know you well...


Take me away...where silence speaks

Take me to your Ocean, let me fall into your grace

Take me to your Sunlight, let it fall upon my face

Let me lie upon your fields, rest inside your shade

Take me where the wind blows, the sound of your name...take me away...

Take me away from the weight of this world

I'm Atlas struggling...my knees are buckling

Take this burden from me, it was never mine to carry soley.

But my mind is a puppy that begs to play fetch

bringing fears of tomorrow and yesterday's regrets..

Heal, steal me, send your spell through me

I'm a reed...make music through me, make music through me..

Pour your paradise upon my head,

whisper Love's secret like it's never been said.

Like a seed through it's shell, like a root through the stone- break me out of these bones, break me out of these bones...

Like a mighty waterfall, an eagle's soaring call Let me surrender, let me surrender all...

Like the ocean flowing, steadily growing,

like the tide I keep coming and going,

going and coming, surges and stillness in the waters of my knowing...