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A Guide to interview of the Troubadours by Blisschick

SharedBliss: Troubadours of Divine Bliss

an interview by Blisschick

"These two women are so amazing that I want to just immediately give them the floor. You can print this interview out, and you'd have a Free Guide to Bliss". -Blisschick
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Describe the components of your Bliss Path: the things/activities/structures that help you to be brave and choose bliss every day.

Our Bliss Path is one that begins upon waking. So many of us awaken with a feeling of dread, with a to-do-list, with an alarm that startles us out of our dreams and into our jobs without a moment of pause for our purpose.

One of our morning rituals is to take that pause to consciously set intention for the day, so that we can segue from our dreams into daydreams. This time can be during the "snooze' many of us take or just a moment pause before putting our feet on the floor. For us, it is just a moment to ask the Great Spirit for Guidance, to offer up gratitude for another day to serve, to commit to honor the process (when anything feels like work), and to trust that each person, place & thing that crosses our paths in this day is not a coincidence but rather an opportunity to engage. We strive to live that bliss consciousness throughout each day.

In choosing to live a bliss filled life, what sacrifices or choices have you had to make that have been particularly difficult? Are there sacrifices or choices coming up in the near future?

The Universe wants to unroll the red carpet to us...we simply need to take some steps. We let go of many material needs and possessions. We have less, so we need to work less. We live in a small cabin without running water but we feel as if we live like Queens! It is necessary that we live simply and sometimes that feels like a sacrifice but truly it is a choice.

As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe
will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude,
poverty will not be poverty,
nor weakness weakness.
~Henry David Thoreau

Our mantra is "FREE YOUR DREAM"...that means to remove the barriers and blockades to Following Your Bliss and set your dream free! The only reason we do not all live a bliss filled life is that sometimes credence is given to the things that take us on a detour from the path and keep us in bondage from our bliss. These things can be relationships, debt, things, jobs, addiction, and anything that feeds fear and not love.

Everything we possess that is not necessary
for life or happiness becomes a burden,
and scarcely a day passes that we do not add to it.
~Robert Brault

Debt, for instance, is that thing that keeps us playing the lottery in hopes that "if" we win we can do what we've always dreamed we would do. If we eliminate our debt by making choices that feed the dream rather than feed our material need, we truly do win!

When we made the choice to become Troubadours, we realized that we could not fulfill our dream to travel around encouraging other people to free their dreams if we did not commit to setting our dream free. We don't buy things we really don't need; we don't have cable/satellite TV; we buy most things at thrift stores,we try to keep everything very simple. So, we began to make choices that sometimes felt like sacrifice, but when we took those steps the Universe truly rolled out the red carpet to us and always provided for every need and taken care of us!

“The sacrifice which causes sorrow
to the doer of the sacrifice is no sacrifice.
Real sacrifice lightens the mind of the doer
and gives him a sense of peace and joy.
The Buddha gave up the pleasures of life
because they had become painful to him.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

Describe your ideal, bliss-filled day.

The ingredients are just knowing that we wake up with another opportunity to engage & embrace this life. Just feeling the deep peace of walking our path and living our purpose. Not being a "paint-by-number" set with a plan of what the ingredients would be in the picture perfect day but being an open canvas ready to be brushed and colored by the Great Artist's hand. A day filled with deep prayers for peace and love within and for every being. A day with service to the heart needs of others at a crossroads. It would include time to take action for re-membering the circle - so we initiated that brings together and strengthens all of the goodness being done for our community. The day would hold laughter, dancing, music, a visit to the gardens to prepare a healing meal, and end in each others arms as we dream of flying!

"I arise in the morning torn between a desire
to improve the world and a desire
to enjoy the world. This makes it hard
to plan the day."
~ E. B. White

Each day is like a surprise party...all we have to do is show up, be fascinated & celebrate. Life is a cosmic cocktail of bliss & joy...just be an empty vessel in which the spirit may pour, add bliss & stir.

Do you have a daily spiritual practice that gives you the strength to live your own path?

Our favorite ritual each day is the time we take to do devotions. We choose to do this in the morning, but the time is not important - it is just taking the time that is important. It is when we read from the books that will remain dogeared passages in our hearts. It is when we listen to music that splashes like a wave in side our souls. It is when we talk and walk in our garden, which is truly just a metaphor for the garden of our spirits, and remember to root deep, tend to the weeds, remember the seed, and stretch toward the light to grow...stretching in long stretches in silence.

Some presents/presence to open from RUMI...these remembrances give us the strength to live our path...

Invite beauty and gratitude…

“Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened.
Don’t open the door to the study and begin reading.
Take down a musical instrument.
Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

Invite the present moment…

“Keep walking
Though there’s no place to get to.
Don’t try to see through the distances.
That’s not for human beings.
Move within
but don’t move
The way that fear makes you move.”

Invite silence…

“There is a channel between voice and presence,
A way where information flows.
In disciplined silence the channel opens.
With wandering talk, it closes.”

Invite flow…

“…Your hand opens and closes, and opens and closes.
If it were always a fist or always stretched open
you would be paralyzed.
Your deepest presence
is in every small contraction and expansion,
the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated
as bird wings.”

How does your relationship to your body affect your bliss?

We truly believe that our bodies are a temple. Our bodies are evidence of our spiritual condition, so what we put into our bodies and how we feel about our bodies manifests in our spirits. If we take things that are negative into or onto our bodies physically and mentally, they manifest as sickness, as depression, and as poor self image.

We must take it easy on our selves by setting realistic and measurable goals, we must confront thinking distortions, by identifying childhood labels, and by stopping comparing ourselves to others. Don't let anything or anyone dilute your bliss.

If we are feeding our our spirit positive things, it manifests as bliss.

It is vital that we do not let our bodies/self image be one of the barricades to our bliss.

We do this by developing our strengths, learning to love ourselves, giving ourselves positive affirmations, remembering that we are unique, remembering to laugh & smile, and by realizing how far we have come.

Self-image is not permanently fixed. Part of our self-image is dynamic and changing. We can learn to develop a healthier and more accurate view of ourselves, thus changing the distortions in the mirror. Self-image change is a processoccurring over a lifetime. A healthy self-image starts with learning to accept and love ourselves.

Was there a specific moment (or moments) in your life when you decided to break out of the cage and fly free, as we like to say in the land of Wild Women?

We wild women are Troubadours of Divine Bliss. We met 24 years ago in a spirit-filled, holy rollin', charismatic church where Renee's Dad was the Pastor & Aim Me's Dad was a Deacon. As the Hatfield & Mc Coy's of the Pentecostal world, Aim Me's Dad ended up kicking Renee's Dad out of the pulpit.

We lost faith in religion & gained faith in the Spirit, and like Thelma & Louise, we headed for the cliff of surrender. It felt WILD but it felt wonderful!

In 1995, we had the WILD WISH of being Troubadours of Divine Bliss, Street Performers who travel around encouraging Revolution of the Spirit & Courage of the Heart. Renee had a dream she was playing an Accordion, so she got one. Aim Me learned two chords on the Guitar & Bliss was born.

We followed our destiny to the streets of New Orleans where (wrapped in battery-operated Christmas lights) we debuted as Christmas Carolers in 1995 on the corner of Royal & Toulouse in the Big Easy. Since then we have traveled all over the U.S., Canada & Europe Freeing our Dream and embracing life in pure delight...our WILD WISH keeps coming true!!!

What gives you a sense of your Wild Woman self? What helps you to become less tame? Take risks? Put your concept of self on the line and challenge your boundaries?

Simply put, if we remember all the people and things that have told us you can't do it, you won't do it, you're not good enough, you don't have what it takes, you'll fail, you'll never make it...then ask ourselves if we want to be "THAT" person stopping ourselves and the answer is always "NO"! Nothing will make us escape the lion tamer and run quicker. Nothing will make us cut that tether and soar higher. Nothing will keeping us from beating our wings against the cage faster until the door breaks open and we fly free! We hold the key to the cage we're locked inside. Why would anyone imprison themsleves? Once you've tasted just a sip of unfettered freedom and peace, it seems impossible to go back. You become the moth drawn to the flame of true living.

NEVER be the one to dismiss your bliss!

What is the Wildest Thing you have ever done? What Wild Thing would you like to do? What is your Wildest Wish?

In 1998, we decided to take our bliss to street perform in Europe. So, with only $100.00, no set shows, one-way tickets, and fearless hearts, we flew off to Europe. The universe honored us being brave, and we backpacked through Europe for 6 months touring 6 countries singing our bliss on the streets, in homes, village concerts, schools, clubs, and festivals all along the way.

Wild Wishes = Being Brave + Following your Heart

Our wildest wish is that everyone would be at peace, follow their bliss and that this life would be the big circle of celebration that has been offered to us.

What advice would you give to women who are still trapped by fear and expectation and feelings of obligation? How would you advise that they set their Blissfully Wild selves free?

Embrace Life in Pure Delight...that is BLISS! Be fascinated more than fearful. Be expectant rather than have expectations.

Remember that you ARE the master of your fate, the Captain of your Soul- YOU are steering the ship. Sit in stillness and nurture yourself the way you would your newborn baby. Women are so good at caring for others but not themselves. Feed yourself Love. Feed your heart peace. Feed your mind postive thoughts and bliss fool visions. Seize every moment as an opportunity to re-create your Life, your Self. Be so tender when you fall, as you would a child, and lovingly scoop yourself up saying,"It's alright. You're going to be OK. I'll take care of you." Then run right back out to play! Surround yourself with healing, loving inspiring people and take time to sit in silence.

Be a wonderfully wild woman who plays every part & let's every part play. For a metaphor for this, please watch this "I Love Lucy"'s the one where she's stomping the grapes.

It's such a great metaphor for dancing in the vat of this life when things seem a little squishy, icky, too much & too hot to handle. Watch how she trudges through it at first & then starts dancing & being goofy. Watch how her face changes from ewwwwwww to aha. Feel blissfully reminded to weave some more "Lucy" moments into this life!

All of these moments are like grapes fermenting in the vat of our spirit. Life is just that thing between that is poured from the bottle into the glass. We get to choose from which bottle we pour. Drink from the wine that moves you...the one that makes you dance, smile & make silly faces, the one that makes you intoxicated with Spirit.

"The cup wants to be lifted and used, not broken but carried carefully to the next. The cup knows there is a state for you beyond this one that comes with more vast awareness. The cup looks still but acts in secret to help. Sometimes you pour cup to cup, nothing happens. Pour instead into your deep ocean self, without calculation".--rumi

The juice of this time is just fermenting in your cask & it will pour a wine so divine we'll all be drunk & dancing with all of you Wild Women.

Oh, look, you've got something squishy between your toes...hmmmm, evidence of BLISS;-)

You are worthy to be loved and love abundantly. You are worthy to forgive and be forgiven. You are worthy to hold the Kingdom of Heaven within.

Be brave, hold your head up high, your Spirit's high enough to reach the sky.

May we all awaken to Love and never dismiss our bliss,
your troubadours of divine bliss