Monday, August 2, 2010


I am not a top
maybe I don't like to spin
but you twist and turn me
and let me go
where I'll stop
we all know
I'll be dizzy and my head will be unclear
because I let you churn me again and again and again
I'm tired of being your Cracker Jack's toy
If you can't understand that
fumble through the caramel and
wade through the corn
and maybe your secret decoder ring
will make this clear
I am not a prize to be won
So take your dirty laundry
to another washing machine
because the spin cycle
is where you left me
in that state of mind nothing gets clean
just mindless agitation
and this sound in my head
that makes me want to scream
and somehow your dirty laundry still clings and clings
to the inside of me
It makes me sick
how I've been hooked on you
and you have been hooked into me
Yeah, I'd rather be hooked on phonics
but even that's a disease
Here's a word
and I'd like to buy a vowel
but even that's not free
I played the wheel of fortune
I lost in jeopardy
Now it's time to play
"Let's Make a Deal"
Here's the deal...
I get nothing and you take everything from me
No, No, No
No man, no woman, no person place or thing
will ever have that hold on me
I will exorcize you out of me
I will be free
Free as the wind blows
Free as a penny
I find and pick up
and all day long I'll have good...
You'll be in a land
far, far away
In that romper room you can play and play and play
with yourself
Your Grimm fairytale is one I won't read
You won't mess with my mind
You won't mess with me
Because this woman is soaring
like a kite without string
I know who I am
I love what I see
I will not compromise myself
or what I believe
because THIS WOMAN
This Woman

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