Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our Bliss Bubby

Our brother, the Minister of Mandolin!
Our kind brother, he makes our hearts flutter with his heartfelt music and transformative melody. Randy, aka "Mando Rando", laid down some weeping, wailing, rockin, haunting, ethereal,booty-shakin,waltzin, so you can dream Medicine on our new CD. He is so incredibly versatile, he shapeshifts into what the song longs for and gives the graces that the soul of the song needs. He even became Mando Chutney and played Tanpura, a sitar-like droning instrument, on "Ramanama". He then became Brother Bubby Bass Love and laid down some low end on "Dream to Wake", "Bowling Green","Waterfall" and "Bird called Hope".
We have known Mando for a long time, even had the honor of marrying him and his beloved, Sonia. We are continually amazed by how his musical talents keep us stunned & inspired but also the depth of his compassion, grace and devotion to his Spirit.
Mando Rando is our Bliss Bubby and we are so honored to make music with one so Divine!

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Anonymous said...

Meeting Randy and Sonia in the AYW woods was a great experience for awesome that y'all are still making music together!