Thursday, February 28, 2008

Flight of a winged Heart

Thank you everyone for sending your beams of love, light and healing! They have reached the icy shores of Jake Hollow and the warmth of your hearts melted the snow and your Big Medicine of Love restored Aim Me's health!
"Every little cell in my body is happy.Every little cell in my body is well!"- It works!!
Well, this has given us some time to create press & posters for the Mighty Kindness Earth Day Hootenanny April 19th! It's going to be powerful fun! Tell yer friends...
We have also been doing research and finalizing the Mariposa Project- workshops for women who are survivors of abuse. We came across a new Heroine! Go check out Watch the videos of her speaking engagements-amazing! She is a documentary filmmaker/screenwriter/ex-model/actress and true Goddess.
We are in mixing heaven and feeling really good about the CD. It's a journey of release & hope.The returning of the light after the eclipse(did you see the eclipse?..wonder full). It's going through the dark tunnel to reach the Light.
We have decided on the songs & order...
Wild Darling
Bird called Hope
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
53 Years
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Learn to Love
What If?
Dream to Wake

We still aren't sure what to call it. We keep saying poetic phrases to it to see what it will answer to...
Remember you are the Master of your Fate
the Captain of your Soul.
think Divine thoughts,
your troubadours

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