Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Journey of a Soul seeking the Divine

Journey of a Soul seeking the Divine
Hi, Aim Me, here.
I was reading through my journals beginning the fall of 1995 and it became so clear what an extraordinary transformation I have been seeking...going from lost girl...finding Spirit...then becoming a Troubadour of Divine Bliss.
Of course, the journey never ends and I will always be seeking my purest Self . This is just an example of one Soul's journey back to herself and finding her Spirit along the way.
These entries are in mostly in chronological order starting in the fall of 1995 while living in Chicago, just discovering my voice, my dreams,my Spirit.
These are the musings of a lost girl on her way back hOMe. I am just posting them for anyone who finds comfort, direction or inspiration in them.
May you keep your eyes on the clearest gods and walk courageously in the direction of your dreams,
Aim Me

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