Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the Seed of a Dream "Journey"6

the seed of a dream "Journey"6
New Orleans April 8, 1996
I can't believe how Destiny always just waiting for you to ask her to dance. I can't believe this dream unfolding. Dancing on nothing and having a ball! Playing on the street is an amazingly transformative experience...for try out these new wings and this voice that longs to be a vessel...for the people we encounter who are ready to share themselves, their secrets, their hopes and secret dreams. People are on vacation and in an altered reality and there is no barrier on the street between us and them so we have incredibly meaningful, intimate encounters with glorious people from all over world. I am so thankful for this journey.
May 1996 at 25
Someone tipped us their Alcoholics Anonymous 20 year anniversary Coin tonight...incredible.
A woman approached us on the corner on the full moon.The soothsayer prophesied as the smoke curled around her eyes- a galaxy within her mind.She had a moustache and was missing several teeth and if it weren't for her birdsnest chest- you might mistake her for a man. Her laughter told of hardship, hunger for life and too many cigarettes.I trusted her completely and believed that she was, indeed, a modern day sage able to leap chasms of Time.Perhaps, it was her skin, wrinkled deep and ancient like a tree, that convinced me she had mystical connections.I opened myself- I didn't want to be caught hiding-and let her see into my life- every shame, triumph, sin, abuse and miracle. When she smiled, I knew that she had accepted my unveiling.
May 17th, 1996
Singing songs on a New Orleans street while a distracting madman claps his hand off beat
Smoking with 3 French boys in the rain, exchanging stories and rings
Listening to Tori Amos as we drive out of town, thinking of Seven and hoping she's got her guitar by now
If I die a dog, will I come back as a bone?

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