Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer of Bliss 1996 II

Summer of Bliss- part deux
July 1996
Left Park City,Utah and drove all the way to Sunnyvale,California to visit friends Jeanne and Howard. Rested for a few days then took the train into San Francisco. Tried busking downtown, Fisherman's(permit), Castro-Disastro,Mission-no dice...should have tried Haight-Ashbury. Went to Santa Cruz instead.WOW! Wonderful exchange with people.invited to do a 2 hour radio show. Head up the coast to Cresent City,CA. We renegade camp on a cliff over-looking the ocean...breathtaking.Renee leaves her body and I leave my mind. Next stop, Eugene,OR, go to the Redwood completely mesmerizing! In Eugene, no camping but the ranger invites us to camp in their front yard which happens to be next door to a dairy farm..uugggg! Can't sleep because of stink.Put eucalyptus up my nose.It doesn't work.Don't play too small but have a fun time and run into friend from Chicago.On to Seattle.Play Fremont market.Meet Camel photographers party at Cosmos.Tell us the story of "Amy Van Idden...where are you hiding?" Played the hill, downtown and the market but no permit so no play.Saw Sizzlin Sue Corcoran, the filmmaker, and she took picture for our first CD. Left for Canada! Rejected. We were honest and said that we were coming to street perform and they said,"You're not coming into our country and begging for $$ from our people!" U-turned and tried another point of entry.
to be continued...

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