Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer of Bliss 1996 III

Summer of Love part trois
August 1996
So we tried to enter into Canada and were denied because we said we were street performers so we made a U-turn and drove to a different entry point, put a package of maxi pads in the front window and said we were on vacation -we got right in. Couldn't afford the ferry to Victoria and Vancouver was pretty and clean but dry as a dead leaf...more concerned with buying a blouse than listening to free music-invisible! Trekked to Calgary and made it on fumes.Played downtown to a lukewarm reception. Drove to Bamf (excuse me) and found out you had to pay a fee to enter the town(National Park)...we just sped up and drove in. Played on the streets to a fantastic reception before we were shut down for no permit.Made a group of friends- one Indian, a Canadian ranger, a black Canadian and 2 American troubadours...we talked under the full moon at a picnic table by the lake. "What will become of this world? What do people want? be happy with themselves" On to Regina (ha ha)the place to play...on to Winnepeg- where they say they eat their young- played a festival and busked at an inside market. Played the Fat Angel Blues Bar where I got stupid drunk, performed horribly and swore I'd be a troubadour no more. Also where we met Dwayne "don't just think about it" Duecke Duecke Duecke (who wrote the song that we sing "Are You Leaving?") He introduced us to Frasier, radio personality and wild witchwoman.We stayed with them for a week and fell under their spell. Left for Ottawa- Ottawa is FUN! Looked for Bob.Played the open air market and did well. Met mystical older woman teacher.Decided Montreal would be our last stop. got lost and woke up in a multi-million dollar subdivision.Made coffee next to car in front of a fancy house.Owner came out and we thought we were busted, started conversation, ended up played their daughters 3rd Birthday party, made $300 bucks and slept inside their house that night;] couldn't play streets of Montreal because it rained constantly,slept in a cul de sac .man came out to the car yelling at us in French holding a shot gun telling us to leave, he came back out because he felt bad, fed us breakfast and we played music with all afternoon.We followed our Bliss and the Divine Destiny that blazed our trail and headed home to N'awlins to start a whole new adventure.

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